dreamstime_xxl_45764377Are you dissatisfied when you look in the mirror? Do you wish you could turn back the clock and erase those wrinkles and crow’s feet? It’s hard getting older, but you can fight age with some great non-invasive procedures. You’ve probably heard of PRP because of Kim Kardashian undergoing the procedure. Are you aware of what PRP can do for you?

At Northshore Medical we’re able to give you the education you need to make an executive decision when it comes to your appearance. Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you need to give in to the way your looks are slowly becoming more aged. Instead, take the initiative and do something about getting older and educate yourself about all of the different non-invasive treatments you can undergo to strengthen your youthful features. Don’t give in to age, fight back with knowledge and safe procedures to ensure your looks are as rejuvenated as ever.

Northshore Medical is Top Rated Local® Cosmetic Professional company located in Knoxville, TN, and offers an array of services to make you into the woman or man you want to be. We offer services to look thinner, younger, and enrich your best features. One of our newer procedures is PRP treatment.

What Is PRP?

PRP stands for platelet rich plasma and has been growing in popularity for some time now. PRP or platelet rich plasma is basically the blood plasma in your body that has been enriched by platelets. PRP contains a variety of growth factors that help to stimulate soft tissue during the healing process. The blood plasma is filled with autologous platelets, which help you heal and effectively help your skin rejuvenate itself. The process is a relatively simple one and has very minimal pain attached. Your blood is taken out and then injected into the area you want to help rejuvenate; for instance, you can choose to have a vampire breast lift or a vampire facial, both of which are PRP treatments. Tiny needles are used to inject your own blood into your face. Pumping your blood back into your body will help to renew your skin. The procedure is effective because of the platelets in your blood that come to life to heal your skin and create new skin cells.

What PRP Services Do We Provide?

We provide many PRP services that you will find useful to fight back against age. In addition to offering vampire facials, we also offer the O-Shot and the P-Shot, which will heavily impact your sex life in the best way possible. Learn about some of the PRP treatment services we can offer you.

Vampire Facial®

A vampire facial will provide you with a youthful glow. Make your droopy skin disappear while adding some rosiness and smoothness to your face. A vampire facial uses micro-needling and then the PRP application. This procedure is a platelet-rich plasma therapy and will make you look as young as you feel.

Vampire Face Lift®

A vampire face lift is different than a facial. It still allows your skin to have a healthy glow about it, especially with boosting the texture of your skin. However, the procedure is different. Hyaluronic acid fillers are added to give your face a beautiful shape. The HA fillers will lift your skin from the bones and help to reconstruct the shape and volume so you’re face is able to grow new tissue, which helps to produce new collagen and smooth wrinkles away.

Vampire Breast Lift®

A vampire breast lift is focused on making your breasts look more attractive. The procedure is similar to a vampire face lift and will help to isolate growth factors in your blood to give your breasts a more shapely and younger appearance. If you want to make your breasts more attractive and enhance the appearance, the vampire breast lift can do it.

PRP Hair Restoration

Are you facing hair loss? PRP for hair restoration will focus on hair loss. The procedure is simple and has minimal pain. PRP addresses the problem at hand to help solve your hair loss. Platelet rich plasma is able to heal wounds and, essentially, hair loss is a wound. When the PRP are injected into the area of baldness, it will help to treat the hair loss.

The O-Shot

The O-shot is directed for women who experience pain and discomfort during intercourse. As we age, our sexual drive changes. The O-Shot will be able to give you more pleasure and help to rejuvenate your vagina. The O-Shot helps to give you stronger and more frequent orgasms while smoothing the skin around the vulva and increasing sexual desire.

The P-Shot

The P-shot or priapus is for men who want to increase circulation in the penis. The P-Shot will strengthen, lengthen, and straighten the penis. It will also increase pleasure and sensation during intercourse. As we get older, the sex drive changes and the P-Shot will be able to increase endurance and help erectile dysfunction.
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