Fight back against age, and look into vampire procedures. Recently, Kim Kardashian advertised her use of the vampire facial®. What exactly is a vampire facial and why is it getting so much coverage? What does it do and why should you get it?

The Vampire Facial®

If you are feeling a little worn or you notice wrinkles on your face, you probably feel self-conscious and unattractive. As women, and even men, we’re intent on staying young for as long as possible. Vampire facials are able to provide you with youth, a healthy glow, and wrinkle-free skin. Vampire facials will eliminate droopy skin, a worn look, and wrinkled skin. Your skin will feel smoother, look less worn and saggy, and those crows feet and wrinkles will be eliminated. Also, a lively, rosy glow will be added to your cheeks to give you a youthful appearance.

So, how does it work? A vampire facial uses Fractional Radio Frequency micro-needling and then PRP application. That means that blood is injected back into your face by tiny needles full of your own blood that poke you, this allows your skin to renew itself and rejuvenate. Vampire facials are a platelet rich plasma therapy. The procedure will restore your youth and make you look and feel younger.

A Few Other Procedures

In addition to having the option of having a vampire facial, there is also a few other youth restoring options. Read about two other procedures below.

What Is A Vampire Face Lift®?

A vampire face lift is similar to a facial, it allows your skin to be restored as well as boosting the texture of your skin. The vampire facial will make your skin tissue younger and restored for a youthful glow. The vampire face lift has a different procedure than the vampire facial.

First, there is an injection of HA fillers to shape your face into a beautiful shape. HA fillers are hyaluronic acid, which is what lifts your skin from the bones underneath to reconstruct the shape and volume of your face. Second, the doctor alienates the growth factors from the patient’s blood. Third, once the growth factors are put into your face in an injection form the multi-potent stem cells begin to grow new tissue, making your skin more youthful, filled with new collagen, smoothness, and gives you a natural glow.

What Is A Vampire Breast Lift®

A vampire breast lift is similar to the aforementioned procedures. When you are looking to get a vampire breast lift procedure you need to meet with a doctor to figure out how to enhance the attractiveness of your breasts. Similar to a vampire face lift, there will be an isolation of growth factors in your blood. Once the growth factors are injected into your breasts the multi-potent stem cells will become active and grow new tissue, giving your breasts a younger and more shapely appearance.

If you are interested in a vampire facial, face lift, or breast lift, please contact us today.