The priapus shot or the P-shot is a procedure that is meant to improve the sexual performance in men, specifically those who have suffered from prostate cancer, an enlarged prostate, diabetes, the after effects of surgery, or side effects of drugs. The P-shot is aimed for men who want to strengthen their sexual performance after dealing with unfortunate circumstances or who want to feel more active again. It does not hurt any at all whatsoever!!!!

You’ve probably read about the P-shot in magazines, on the Internet, or heard it talked about on the radio. Like most things, you’re probably skeptical about what the P-shot can do for you or for your man. The P-shot might seem like you’re giving in to age and aren’t as vital as you were 10 years ago, but don’t look at it that way. Most men suffer from erectile dysfunction or not being able to perform as well sexually as they did when they were younger. As we age, our sex drives change, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The P-shot will make you more sensitive and will increase the sensations and the pleasure. The P-shot will immediately lengthen the penis and increase the circulation. There are only positives with this shot for both parties.

What Is the P-Shot?


Why Choose Us?

Northshore Medical is an affordable aesthetic medical treatment facility that wants you to feel your age. We offer many services to make you feel better about getting older. We offer the priapus shot for men who want to get their sex life back or improve it. There are only benefits with the P-shot. We are a Top Rated Local® cosmetic professional facility that will help you feel young and free again. Check out some of our other services, such as our prescription injectables and appetite suppressants to lose weight, or maybe you want to look 10 years younger in about an hour with the vampire facelift. To book an appointment, contact us.